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Acts-Web For worry-Free Church Site Maintenance. Church staff members often carry a heavy load, working many hours; adding website maintenance to a staff member's duties sometimes results in poor website maintenance because staff simply doesn't have time to take care of one more regular responsibility. That is where we come in.

We use the CMS Modx. This will allow easy text changes if needed. From start to finish we will get your website online and maintain it for you. Once your website is running we still work on your website, just email us the changes you would like and we will update the website for you. Easy as that. Of course you will have access to go in and make changes yourself if needed. In a nut shell, you get a professional web developer for your website.  We can also desgin your sight for WordPress etc.

Our service is not a D-I-Y website builder where you sit down and build the whole website yourself. Our service is all about you telling us about your site, and we build it for you, and maintain it for you. We become your web developers and webmasters. Of course you will have admin access to your website admin panel so can make changes yourself if needed. 

We also can creat your site in WordPress and other popluar editors.  Just ask us.

Our goal is to help churches, missionaries, and other ministry websites with a professional website at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional developer. It is also our goal to continue to work with our clients to assure the website stays uptodate with fresh content.


Get started by sending an email to matt@acts-web.com


Matt Souza - Web Developer

We offer custom, high quality websites at an unbeatable low price. In today's world, just having a website is not enough. 
Your website needs to be compatible with Smart Phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. 
We offer a full range of services from concept --> to design --> to development --> to SEO. 
We do this at an affordable rate that will fit your budget.


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